Welcome to optimusfit.org!

This webpage is dedicated to the development of OPTIMUS, an analysis environment for spectroscopic time-resolved data.

The motivation for developing OPTIMUS was to conceive a tool that is capable of promptly executing a variety of analysis strategies and thus allowing the researchers to focus on exploring different hypotheses rather than to struggle with analysis difficulties of technical nature. In OPTIMUS are implemented Global Lifetime Analysis (GLA), Global Target Analysis (GTA), Lifetime Density Analysis (LDA), as wells as a number of procedures treating artifacts common in ultrafast spectroscopy, such as time-zero dispersion, coherent artifact, etc.  The module OPTIMUS-GLA is available as a standalone application with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for free download. At present GTA and LDA are command line based; however, standalone applications with dedicated GUIs for the latter modules are also planned to be released in the future.

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