Combine averaged datasets

In certain cases it might be useful to combine time-resolved datasets, e.g. measurements over two or more detection wavelength ranges, or measurements where it could be profitable to calculated the double difference transient data. Furthermore, if the datasets are collected under different polarization angles, the anisotropy can be calculated to be used later for analysis. Such options are included in OPTIMUS in the 'Combine averaged datasets' module. The datasets can be loaded in the .ana file formats. Please note in .ana files the pump-probe transient absorption data should be in absorbance format.

Module layout

Combine data sets module of OPTIMUS


The 'Combine averaged datasets' module is intuitive and self-explanatory. Nevertheless, here are provided some tips on how to use it.

  1. Panel - Settings
    1. Edit box: Absolute time shift of the datasets (in ps) - The timescale of all datasets can be shifted.
    2. Edit box - Relative shifting of the datasets - The time zero position of the transient signal from the different datasets may differ. Thus the module allows adjusting the time shift. The shifting is done by number of time points NOT in ps.
    3. Edit box - Scaling factors for the datasets - The datasets can also be scaled against to each other. The Scaling factor can be set only as >1, thus a reference datasets should be selected.
    4. Push button - Exclude channels from datasets - Certain wavelength ranges can be excluded from the datasets. The wavelength ranges can be submitted as e.g. '620:650' for 620 nm to 650 nm.
    5. Subpanel - Subtract datasets; checkbox - A dataset can be subtracted from another one. This action will be performed when the corresponding check box is selected.
    6. Subpanel - Calculate anisotropy; checkbox - The anisotropy can also be calculated. The action will be performed when the corresponding check box is selected.
  2. The new combined dataset can be saved in the appropriate _c.ana file format (Pushbutton - Save combined data). In addition the modified datasets (scaled or with shifted time axis) can be saved as separated _m.ana files (Pushbutton - Save modified data).


Note! Manipulations of the original datasets are generally not encouraged and should be performed wisely, with great caution and only if absolutely necessary!