List of Optimus updates


Version 3.02 beta, 15 October 2017

  • General bug fixes and usability improvements
  • speed up of LDA by using multiple processor (please note that to use this option you may have to configure your OS firewall,
  • OPTIMUS now can use noise statistics to calculate weighted chi2 during the data fitting. To use this option please load a _Nstat.ana file simultaneously with the .ana file in the CA, GLA or the LDA modules. The format of the _Nstat.ana file is the same as the format of the .ana file, but  with DATATYPE=NoiseStat.
  • At the request of many users, the 3.02 release brings OPTIMUS to the Mac-world. This Mac version is in testing stage and therefore you may encounter unexpected bugs. Please report them via the contact page. 
  • IMPORTANT! - the main version of OPTIMUS is prepared using the MatLab R2016b (9.1) runtime. This runtime is available only in 64 bit format. Therefore for compatibility a R2014b version in 32 bit format is also available. However, please note that in the future 32 bit version will no longer be supported as they cannot accommodate some of the latest computational improvements of MatLab..


Version 3.01 beta, 30 November 2016

Certain elements of the beta version may not perform as expected. Please report any bugs encountered.

  • An issue with starting OPTIMUS due to license verification was fixed.
  • general bug fixes
  • IMPORTANT! - OPTIMUS is now available also based on the latest MatLab runtime. To run this version of OPTIMUS, you have to install the R2016b (9.1) runtime from MatLab.


Version 3.00 beta, 31 May 2016

Certain elements of the beta version may not perform as expected. Please report any bugs encountered.

  • New: GUI for the Lifetime density analysis module of OPTIMUS
  • New: GUI for generating .ana files from excel sheets
  • general bug fixes
  • Other additions
    1. possibility to save the coherent aritfact fit as a .fit.ana file


Version 2.08, 02 Feb 2016

  • general bug fixes
  • Convert raw data
    1. possibility to align scans one by one or by dataset
  • 3D plots
    1. possibility to save the transient data in different ascii formats, i.e. single time axis, XY pairs, XYZ format for Origin


Version 2.07, 06 January 2016

  • general bug fixes
  • 2D plots
    1. possibility to show grid lines
  • 3D plots
    1. changed size
    2. possibility to select plotting range
  • improved use of the dispersion parameters for femtosecond datasets
    1. the dispersion parameters are saved as a header line in the .wirf file (i.e. from analysis of a solvent measurement)
    2. the dispersion parameters are loaded from the .wirf file to be used as starting values in the fitting (hint: give rigid boundaries for the dispersion parameters to obtain the same dispersion curve as for the solvent measurement)
  • improved display of lifetimes for datasets covering many timescales, e.g. ns to s
  • new possibility to display transient spectra at different time points (particularly useful in case of congested transient absorption spectra)
  • improved settings and stability for fluorescence data analysis (in particular streak camera datasets)


Version 2.06, 19 May 2015